Tuesday, July 13, 2010

This picture is from when we went to Aggrigento. We marveled at the string of Greek temples and walked along to each one. This particular temple is dedicated to the Goddess Hera. It is the most preserved out of all of the ones that we visited.

This is one our favorite pictures that we have taken so far. (Well other than Hannah.) This is also taken in Aggrigento from when we were intensely rock climbing, as you can see from Hannah's expression. One of our favorite parts of traveling to Aggrigento was climbing on the massive rocks that were the remains of the Greek temples.

Before almost having our heads chopped off for not posing for this picture, we climbed the treacherous and gigantic rock in which we are standing on. As you can see in the background, there is the remains of a column from one of the Greek temples. It was extremely large showing that the temple was great, this particular one being about the size of a football field.


  1. OK girls, how did climbing in strappy sandals go?? Just curious.

  2. OK girls very good exercise for ur health