Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Our last week in Catania!!!!!!

On Sunday, July 18 we first went swimming off the rocks in Aci Castello. Then we had dinner with Alan, Ayrton and all the Italian families. Everybody came! We ate al fresco and it was a lovely -- although very warm -- evening. The families have been so welcoming and gracious to the Ellis girls during our stay here in Catania, and it was a real pleasure to dine with them.

Here are the pictures of the Ellis girls with their Italian families.

Here is a picture of Marina L. with Irene S., her parents and her little brother.

The next picture is of Nina N. with her Italian sister, Loriana, and her parents.

Bridget K. with her sister, Elisabetta D. and Elisabetta's mom.

The next picture shows Zoe M. with her sister Frederica F., and Frederica's parents.

The final picture shows Hannah M. with her sister Giorgia and Giorgia's brother.

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