Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New City, New Friends

Few things can cure Jet Lag better than “Aperitivo” and newly made Sicilian friends in Catania. The newly arrived students got a feel for the Sicilian “Bedda Vita” when they were introduced to their language partners Tuesday night.

                                 The Group Outside at “Bar Razmataz”

The Americans found themselves fully immersed in Italian cuisine and language. The Sicilians also learned about American culture and life in the states. Each pair gave insight to their family's traditions and recipes. One student even asked, “How do you say cucumber in Italian?”

After indulging in freshly grilled Sicilian eggplant, green and black olives, lasagna and mini bruschettas, the crew left together to grab a more filling meal. The one and only Claudio De Leo, a language partner from Messina, suggested a quick bite from the close and vibrant Piazza Teatro Massimo, the main meeting spot for locals. The piazza wasn’t as full as it usually is on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday nights. However, the students connected well with the city and it won’t be long until they are experts on all things “Catanese.”

 Claudio (center) with his two new American friends, Ryan (left) and Chris (right)

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