Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Excursion on Mt. Etna

By program participant Kayla Kramer - Beloit College

On Saturday all 11 of us climbed Mt Etna, along with our wonderful professors and a Geologist. Apparently it is the highest mountain in Italy south of the Alps, and the biggest volcano in Europe. To the Ancient Greeks, it helped to pin down the Greek monster Typhon (along with the rest of Sicily). There was so much basalt rock and black sand and soil, but no animals. The savvy Romans accidentally hunted them to extinction. Etna is now covered with bands of wandering goats, and the occasional fox. There was still snow on some parts of the mountain and at the end of the day some of us followed a stream of snow runoff as high up as Etna and as time would allow.

Program participant Kristin Hebért of Tulane University takes in Mt. Etna.

Spring runoff cascading down smooth basalt stone.

Taking a break and munching on Juniper berries.

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